World Challenge

The World Challenge Programme

Pupils from Milne’s High School have had the opportunity to participate in 6 World Challenge expeditions to date. The majority of expeditions are typically demanding 4-week journeys through countries of breath taking natural beauty. In previous years we have visited Peru, Vietnam, North India, Thailand, Cambodia, South Africa, Lesotho and Tanzania. The challenge begins long before the journey starts, with a 15-20 month programme of training, fundraising and research that provides the maximum educational impact and teaches students about responsibility and planning.

The World Challenge expedition programme phases

The programme is made up typically of five phases, depending on the expedition, some may or may not include a project and others might focus solely on that element.

1. Build-up phase
2. Expedition fundraising
3. Expedition phase – trekking
4. Community project
5. Review and reflection

In 2018 we are undertaking a 21 day project based expedition to South India & Rajasthan accompanied by Mrs Fraser and Mr Kennedy. Phase one is off to a great start as the team have already raised £1450 by hosting a very successful quiz night. Once in the country we will split into 2 teams and follow different itineraries. By doing so we will be able to support 2 community projects in South India. Both teams will undertake an arduous trek in the Munnar region of South India. Their projects will be with a school or a women’s empowerment programme and they will also spend a day at Wildlife SOS working with rescued elephants and sloth bears.

For more information on the World Challenge programme visit or contact Mrs Fraser.

Tanzania 2016

A video created by one of our S6 students of our World Challenge Expedition to Tanzania 2016.

The team were outstanding and came back more confident, wiser and best of all, having achieved more than they ever thought they could. We all had a brilliant time.