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Senior phase pupils have their own usernames and passwords for SCHOLAR. S3 can access the N5 courses using the temporary details below:

username: 43307-6 password: ciy7dec
username: 46252-6 password: cuk2zep
username: 46361-6 password: fag2jox
username: 47997-6 password: buj8mox
username: 51502-6 password: xih6duk
username: 56634-6 password: bam5yag
username: 66803-6 password: tog6zox
username: 69094-6 password: zet6wiq
username: 69900-6 password: mav2jin
username: 71363-6 password: yif3taq
username: 73344-6 password: dun6tux
username: 77668-6 password: jog3baq
username: 78376-6 password: wen9ver
username: 14165-6 password: geq4yev
username: 14396-6 password: dah3guj
username: 17739-6 password: mon9suz
username: 28570-6 password: raz2zit
username: 40811-6 password: wec6qud
username: 45536-6 password: pah5bic
username: 48256-6 password: ham5hic
username: 51092-6 password: kif8coz
username: 57804-6 password: hod3qeb
username: 59587-6 password: nij3duh