Design & Manufacture:

  • Introduction to workshop environment through manufacture of plastic key tag. Progression of Knowledge and skills provided through design and manufacture of more complex trinket box.

Computer Graphics:

  • Production of 3D computer model of key tag which is then employed as part of a DTP presentation. Progression of knowledge and skills provided through production of more challenging trinket box computer model and associated DTP presentation.
  • Computer graphic work immediately follows appropriate Design and Manufacture activity providing appropriate relevance and coherence.

Manual Graphics:

  • Production of trinket box presentation using manual presentation techniques with focus on rendering techniques and colour theory.


  • Introduction to basic concepts of structural design with focus on bridges. Understanding embedded through construction of model bridges which are assessed for strength and efficiency.





Progress is assessed through reference to success criteria for each learning outcome covered in the experience. Success criteria are discussed with the class prior to each activity and measure of success in relation to said criteria agreed after discussion with pupil.

Next steps are identified at this time.




Homework is given where:

  • there is an appropriate requirement for knowledge content covered in class to be re enforced (eg engineering concepts, workshop equipment)
  • where appropriate research can be undertaken in preparation for imminent class work (eg bridge design, desktop publishing layouts).

Such work requires an extended period of research and reflection prior to being undertaken (literacy task relating to bridge project).