In S1 pupils begin a planned learning experience that allows them to experience a broad range of experiences and outcomes at the third level and where appropriate, fourth level. The S1 course is designed to provide pupils with a foundation in the introductory ideas/concepts relating to Geography, History and Modern Studies. This is done under the banner of “Scotland and the World”.


We begin by looking at how the Ice Age sculpted and then revealed “Scotland” as we recognise it today for the first time. We then move on to look at who the people were that colonised this empty land….Who are the Scots? We move on again to look at how the Normans changed the face of Scottish society forever and contrasting this with how we are ruled today. We complete the Scottish section by looking at how the landscape offers opportunities for people to live, work and play.


In the second half of the course we examine how colonial rule spread into foreign lands. In this case we examine India and study how colonial rule affected the people of India and their struggle for freedom. This is contrasted by examining Scotland’s global links with the developing world and allowing pupils to decide if the effects of globalisation have made any impact on countries such as India in the 21st century.





Pupils are regularly assessed and provided with feedback (spoken or written). Pupils are assessed via key assignments which are completed at natural break points in the course. There are five key assignments in total. These assignments range from traditional testing to essay writing to presentation based tasks.





Pupils will be set tasks for homework at times set by their teacher. Homework tasks may vary from completing work to undertaking research.