Big Questions

Pupils will learn about a variety of religious and non-religious responses to big questions.

Pupils ask questions such as, “How did the universe begin?”, “Is there a god?”. Having discovered different answers to their questions they will offer their own and give their reasons. They will listen to their classmates and discuss and evaluate their responses.


Investigation of World Religions

Pupils will investigate artefacts, festivals, and worship of different religions working together in groups. They will be able to see the connections between the big questions and the beliefs people hold and understand the impact on their lives. They will present their findings to the class.


Belief and Action

Pupils will learn about Gandhi and his non-violent protest in India. They will also be studying India in social subjects. Pupils will then choose an individual and research their life and achievements. They will use IT to research and write their report.





Pupils will practise skills in RME and will complete profiles in which they self reflect on their learning. There will also be peer and teacher evaluation.  Pupils will be assessed on key assignments over the year.





Homework will be approximately twice a term. It may be a piece of research or it may be completing a written task.