In S1, pupils’ experiences of foreign language develop their understanding and ability to use it.  Topics centre mainly around themselves but we also look at cultural aspects of life in a country where the foreign language is spoken.

Pupils’ understanding of the language is practised through various types of reading and listening activities using a variety of resources eg worksheets, IT, smartboards.

Pupils practice using the language through writing and talking.  Writing can be a short paragraph, a cartoon story or an email.  Talking is practised through conversations, role-plays and powerpoint presentations.





Informal assessment as part of our learning and teaching programme where pupils will self-assess and peer-assess their work, recognises what is good and informs what could be done to improve the piece of work.  This is measured against success criteria.  This also develops their analytical and evaluation skills.  Progress is then measured by end of unit assessments as well as individual pieces of work which provide evidence of the level at which a pupil is working.





This is given regularly and initially involves learning vocabulary or short conversations so tasks last 15-20 minutes average.  Writing sentences/short paragraphs in the foreign language will gradually be included as will short reading tasks.