Celebrating Success

In terms of “Celebrating Success,” the work of pupils is displayed throughout the school.  Pupils within the BGE also receive the opportunity to submit work for selection to two bi-annual exhibitions: The Moray Schools Exhibition, which takes place at the Elgin Library and the pre-school to secondary education exhibition held at Moray College. We are beginning to make links and build partners with community organisations and charities in order to develop pupils learning for life, education and work and in doing so promote and celebrate the work of our young people.

Assessment, Tracking and Monitoring

We use various approaches to assessment. Pupils continuously and naturally assess their work based on the success criteria whilst working through a unit. As well as self-assessment pupils will receive quality feedback from their peers and throughout the lesson from the teacher when required. Assessment will also occur when chunks of work are complete and this is documented and fed into the EDICT system. At this stage pupils will have a one to one learning conversation with teaching staff based on the pupil’s findings. Together we will begin to gauge levels in accordance to the Experiences and Outcomes as well as the National Benchmarks and will establish the pupil’s next steps with regards to progression. All information collected through discussion and documentation will be fed into pupils reports.